A common cause of drain problems is tree roots underground. If they grow into the pipes, it can cause them to crack. If left untreated, this can develop into a more serious problem and could even leave your commercial property without a water supply.

Our CCTV surveys have been carefully designed to help us identify the causes of your drain problems so that you are able to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Whether it is a cracked pipe, build-up of leaves or food particles that is causing issues with your drain, we will be able to fix it for you.

Because our cameras are small and compact, they are able to reach areas that we couldn’t in person. We are able to navigate through your drains and rotate the camera to get a better view of your pipes. This technology is the quickest and most effective way of identifying obstructions and problems within your drains.

In the past, we have provided this service to customers from a variety of backgrounds. These include construction sites, offices, schools and retail stores, just to name a few! If your industry hasn’t been mentioned don’t worry, we have the experience to deal with a wide range of drains and plumbing systems.

Once we have completed the survey, we will present you with the findings. We can then discuss the best action to take which may involve using our high powered jetting systems to flush out any dirt and debris. For more stubborn blockages, we may need to use a Vactor which pumps air at high speed through the pipes and drains.

This service can be arranged at a time and date to suit you. The Greens team are available at evenings, weekends and even bank holidays, so we really can do anytime that is convenient for you. We also offer this service on an emergency basis so if you find that you have problems with your drains and need to identify the blockage as quickly as possible, this isn’t a problem!

If you would like to find out how we can help you, please call 0800 458 8281 or email info@greensenvironmental.com and speak to a member of the Greens team.

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