Greens Environmental have a number of industrial services available, including high pressure jetting of your property. Whether you are looking to clean remove blockages from your drains, clean brickwork or remove debris from the road, we can help!

Our experts are able to clean a range of industrial applications, including septic tanks, vessels, heat exchangers and machinery. We also use this equipment to remove blockages from gutters and drains, which if left untreated could cause serious problems with your plumbing.

We have an extensive fleet of vehicles which have been specially designed for high pressure cleaning. Our vehicle mounted high pressure jetting equipment is the perfect solution for removing dirt, oil, graffiti and other unruly substances.

For more industrial applications, we will use our combination jetvac tankers. These vehicles have a jetting system which can combat heavy residue, as well as having the capability to carry and transport waste.

First appearances are essential in business, so if you want to impress your customers you will need to ensure that the interior and exterior are kept clean. Greens are able to clean building structures, such as high rise buildings, which would otherwise be difficult to reach.

We offer our high pressured jetting services on a scheduled basis, which means that we come to your property weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on your needs. By investing in this service, you can rest assured that your property always looks tidy.

Greens Environmental cover all areas of the North West, including Blackpool, Preston, Manchester and Liverpool. We are also able to offer our services to customers based elsewhere in the UK, so if you want professional high pressure cleaning but are located slightly further away, this shouldn’t be a problem!

If you would like to find out more, call 0800 458 8281 or email to speak to a member of the Greens team.

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