Greens Environmental Launches New Super Suction Tank Trailer For Hire

Established liquid waste & industrial service tanker specialists, Greens Environmental, has launched a new super suction tank trailer.

The iVac, a high volume air conveyance plant, is believed to be the only British made “suck and blow” deep vacuum and pressure discharge unit on the market. It is designed specifically to uplift heavy wet and dry industrial materials, including many cementatious aggregate, powder products, recovered products and heavy wet sludges.

The iVac has a 16 m3 capacity tank to maximise payload, and can operate with airflow up to 8000m3/hr with a vacuum level down in excess of 90%. It also features an automatic air filter media cleansing unit to maximise operating time.

For the first time, Greens Environmental has made its range of vehicles and equipment available to hire for short, medium and long-term projects. This move has been made in response to increased customer demand, including for the super suction tank trailer.

Paul Cutter, director of the iVac project, said: “The super suction trailer is the result of an ambitious year’s investment of circa 200k GBP in design and development, culminating in the release of the iVac series and brand.”

“The idea – the first of its kind built in the UK – was conceived as a solution to meet the needs of clients requesting the hire of a vacuum unit capable of loading both dry and wet bulk products that cannot be recovered with standard vacuum units.”

“Our research made it clear that there was a need for a tanker with such large air displacement to uplift by deep vacuum, and also for a company to take a fresh approach to the rental market.”

The tanker was designed and will be manufactured in-house, so that the iVac team can retain full technical control over the project.

Phil Green, director, said: “After numerous discussions between existing clients and understanding the specific needs, the decision was made to manufacture a product that not only meets the technical requirements of the customers in the market, but also made commercial sense to all parties.”

“The unique proposition of iVac in the marketplace is the combination of expertise, simplicity and above all, responsiveness to client demand, all offered within a business model of unit rental, rather than the standard emphasis on unit purchase, which can prove prohibitively expensive.”

“We have simplified the technical characteristics of the units we have in the fleet without compromising on quality or results, which has, in turn, resulted in much lower manufacturing costs, much lower than our competition in Europe. This cost saving is passed down the line to the client, whether that cost is per hour, per day, per week or per month.”

The iVac 8000 is the first in a series of products that will be launched over the coming months. The iVac will complement the Greens Environmental range of available products, which are available for hire to service the market.

Quite simply, it is Greens Environmental’s vision to provide a “one stop shop” approach to the dry/wet bulk market sector.

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