Blocked drains are one of the most common domestic problems that home owners face. It is essential that you treat drains properly, if you want to ensure that your water system continues to work and the issue doesn’t get worse.

Drain blockages are often caused by a build-up of food, oil, dirt and other substances. Weather is another thing that can play havoc on your drainage system and if you live in England, the chances are that you will experience severe rain at some point in your life.

Using our specialist equipment, we can remove these blockages so that your system returns back to normal as quickly as possible. High pressure jetting is the most common practice we use to clear drains. If we struggle to clear obstructions with this method, we will use a specialist Vactor which blows air at high speed into the drain, dislodging and removing any debris, sludge or dirt.

We are also able to conduct CCTV drain surveys to assess your drains and identify the problem. This makes the process much quicker, which especially useful if your drain issues are urgent. The camera is compact and can rotate 360 degrees, giving us a much better idea of what is going on in your drainage system so that we can prevent future problems as well as resolving current ones.

Greens Environmental serve clients throughout the North West and other areas of the UK. If you live in Blackpool, Lancaster, Manchester or Preston and need reliable drain clearance service from a local company, we are the ideal choice for you!

Each member of our team has many years of experience in the field which means that we can resolve all drainage issues. This service is available on scheduled basis which ensures that your drains get regular maintenance, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Having to move out of your home because of drainage and plumbing problems will be much more expensive than what you pay for our clearance service. If you need advice or want to arrange a time for us to visit, please contact us directly!

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